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Worried about managing or monitoring objects, vehicles, or your human resource? Do you wish to know about the proceedings in your absence? It is always not possible to ensure the physical and mental presence of a person for a monitoring job. Our service will do the boring work of continuous monitoring while you relax in your cabin and read our review reports.

Aim of Detection service?

We aim to replace manual monitoring with automation using AI. This will reduce the numerous number of human errors that are currently inevitable in monitoring jobs due to the fatigue which develops doing repetitive work.

How it works?

Follow simple 6 steps, to incorporate Blurgs API's in your products:

  • 1. Sign Up
  • 2. Understand the use cases with the help of examples
  • 3. Choose your AI job to be performed
  • 4. Follow instructions to build your solution
  • 5. Receive your results
  • 6. Share your feedback on the results

Key Features Included


Dynamic data processing and visual output


Key data points for post


Cloud-based or Locally hosted server depending on requirements

Possible Use Cases

Security Agencies - Builders - Surveillance Bodies - Agricultural farm owners - Shopping malls

Possible Impact

Value addition

Equip your current products/services with cutting edge AI

Hassle-free integration

Plug and Play APIs

Boost efficiency

Our products will do the bull work for you, while you work with your creative genius

No Upfront Costs

You use it then pay for it


Our team will reply to all inquiries within 24 hours.

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