Sail through marine data,
harnessing intelligence from
boat to coast

Shipping companies

Take shipping operations safety and efficiency to the next level by empowering crews with actionable insights

National Authorities

Quickly identify suspicious movements and illegal activities through behavioural patterns for enhanced decision making.


Increase your revenue by maximizing your outputs from every visit to the sea.


Optimize resource allocation and planning through data-driven insights to streamline port traffic and operations


Explore our cutting-edge suite of marine domain awareness tools

Trident for the vessels

An Advanced Situational Awareness System.

Advanced Ship Awareness

Empower your crew with the ability to swiftly and effortlessly identify targets, even in conditions of almost zero visibility and within densely populated waters.

Assisted Guidance

Offer your team enhanced guidance and maneuvering assistance for a safer and more secure navigation experience.

Smart HUDs for Vital Info

Equip your crew with vital information via user-friendly Heads-Up Displays, designed for optimal efficiency and clarity.

Trident for coast guards

Autonomous Monitoring and SAR Operations.

Coastal Threat Monitoring Systems

Implement autonomous surveillance across extensive coastlines for heightened security, powered by real-time threat alerts.

Search Route Optimization

Optimize search patterns by analyzing environmental and historical data, utilizing advanced methods to enhance efficiency and accuracy.

CV / AI Based Search Operations

Enable automatic detection of distress signals, survivors, or objects in the water, ensuring swift and precise response capabilities.

Trident for the ports

Efficient Port & Traffic Management

Port Operation Management

Utilize AI-driven scheduling with multiple sensor integration to effectively reduce port congestion and streamline operations.

Collision Avoidance Systems

Enable your crews in navigating through busy and dangerous journeys, providing essential support for safer and more efficient voyages.

Live Route Assistance

Providing real-time guidance for ship navigation within ports and along maritime routes, enhancing safety and efficiency in complex navigational environments.

Trident for fleet operators

Ensure Timely Deliveries with Real-time Tracking and Co-ordination

Detailed Fleet Tracking

Enable fleet operators with real-time kinematic analytics to optimize fleet operations, ensuring enhanced efficiency and strategic decision-making.

Route Optimization

Enable fleet operators with AI-Driven route planning to achieve heightened efficiency and timeliness in their navigational strategies.

Predictive Maintenance

Proactively anticipate and prevent maintenance issues, ensuring uninterrupted operations and consistent performance.

Trident for fishing and environment

Sustainable fishing practices

HotSpot Detection and Monitoring

Identify fishing hotspots and monitor trends for informed decision-making and strategic actions.

Environmental Monitoring Systems

Implement vigilant monitoring of marine ecosystems to safeguard against overfishing, ensuring sustainable and responsible practices.

Trident for defense operations

Advanced Capabilities For Maritime Security and Territorial Defense

Dark Ship Detection

Utilize a combination of radar, AIS, and satellite image correlation to effectively illuminate 'dark ships', enhancing detection and monitoring capabilities.

AI-Based Threat Detection

Employ AI algorithms to detect threats by analyzing ship behavior, enhancing maritime security through advanced pattern recognition.

Large Scale Maritime Monitoring

Conduct real-time, long-term monitoring of ship behavior along maritime borders, ensuring vigilant oversight and enhanced border security.

Why choose Trident?

Here are a few reasons why our customers choose Trident

Multi-Model Data

Correlating diverse data sources for comprehensive analysis.

Scalable Analytics

Adaptable insights for stakeholders, from single ship to global oceans.

Efficient Algorithms

Optimizing computing resources to reduce costs and enhance performance.

Regional Analytics

Utilizing smart regions for impactful, cost-effective analysis.

Smart Alert System

Instantly delivering crucial information to stakeholders in real-time.

Counter Measures

Addressing data inconsistencies, spoofing, and untracked vessels effectively.

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